Jan 282016
 January 28, 2016  Posted by  Govt

Conservative attorney and thinker Mark J. Fitzgibbons is unhappy.  In an OpEd in the Washington Examiner, he writes:

California Attorney General Kamala Harris must be so ambitious that she is willing to tempt fate of multiple civil lawsuits and even criminal charges so she can intimidate her ideological opponents — and even her supporters. Ms. Harris oversees licensing of charities across the country that ask Californians for contributions. She’s also a candidate for the United States Senate.

In disregard of the 1958 landmark civil rights decision NAACP v. Alabama and post-Watergate reforms to the Internal Revenue Code to protect tax information privacy, Ms. Harris is now telling charities and other nonprofit organizations that in order to get from her a charitable solicitation license they must first provide her office a confidential federal tax schedule listing their most valuable donors.

Read more on Washington Examiner.

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