Oct 082015
 October 8, 2015  Posted by  Breaches

Chris Mandle reports:

The photo agency responsible for the nude photos of Justin Bieber have denied claims the singer’s privacy was invaded as he stood on the decking of a remote holiday apartment.

Speaking to The Independent, a spokesman from FameFlynet UK said: “There’s no invasion of privacy” and would not comment on whether a long-lens was used to get the photos.

Bieber was photographed while on holiday in Bora Bora, walking from the inside of a seafront bungalow to the decking outside. Several photos show full-frontal nudity.

The pictures were published exclusively on New York Daily News, who covered Bieber’s crotch with a modesty bar, but the originals were leaked onto Twitter late last night and soon went viral.

Read more on The Independent.

If this would be an invasion of privacy for a female, it’s an invasion of privacy for Bieber.  If it’s an invasion of privacy for a private (non-public) figure, it’s an invasion of privacy for a public figure or celebrity. We need to stop with the double standards. This is not just a matter of tackiness. If you sit quietly by while this happens to Bieber, why should you expect that your own privacy should be respected or protected?

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