Nov 302016
 November 30, 2016  Posted by  Non-U.S., Workplace

K.C. Vijayan reports:

 Jump Rope (Singapore), the non-profit group that promotes rope skipping in schools here, was issued a warning by the Personal Data Protection Commission for disclosing the identity of a blacklisted former employee to some 30 Singapore government schools.

The Commission found the e-mail notice of naming and shaming was not justified as, among other things, it took place after the part-time instructor’s services had already been terminated and there was no employment relationship.

Read more on The Straits Times.

Well, okay, I understand that, but suppose a teacher was let go/fired because of sexually inappropriate conduct towards students. Wouldn’t you want schools to know about that so that they don’t hire that person for your child’s school? That’s been a recurring issue here in the U.S. – that there is no central system and teachers can move from state to state. Are we back to that dreaded “balance” word?

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