Feb 052022
 February 5, 2022  Posted by  Surveillance

Joseph J. Lazzarotti, Jason C. Gavejian, and Jody Kahn Mason of JacksonLewis write:

Facial recognition, voiceprint, and other biometric-related technology are booming, and they continue to infiltrate different facets of everyday life. The technology brings countless potential benefits, as well as significant data privacy and cybersecurity risks.

Whether it is facial recognition technology being used with COVID-19 screening tools and in law enforcement, continued use of fingerprint-based time management systems, or the use of various biometric identifiers such as voiceprint for physical security and access management, applications in the public and private sectors involving biometric identifiers and information continue to grow … so do concerns about the privacy and security of that information and civil liberties. Over the past few years, significant compliance and litigation risks have emerged that factor heavily into the deployment of biometric technologies, particularly facial recognition. This is particularly the case in Illinois under the Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA).

Read our Special Report which discusses these concerns and the growing legislating activity. You can also access our Biometric Law Map

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