Apr 202010
 April 20, 2010  Posted by  Court, Online

Darryl Huff reports from Honolulu:

A Hawaii woman who said her ex-boyfriend posted sexual pictures of her on the Internet is not being allowed to sue him anonymously.

The woman’s attorney, Christopher K. Ridder of San Francisco, said if his client is forced to reveal her name, it would make the invasion of privacy over which she is suing a public event. She is seeking to sue as “Jane Doe.”

It’s a case that raises difficult legal issues — pitting a woman’s right to privacy against the public’s right to know. It also may determine whether victims of Internet harassment feel safe using the courts for redress.

Jane Doe’s court filings say pictures her ex-boyfriend took a decade ago were posted on a website called “Private Voyeur,” which boasts it has 800,000 viewers. The photo captions revealed her name and her workplace and said she had breast enhancement.

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