Apr 152018
 April 15, 2018  Posted by  Court, Surveillance, U.S.

One of the stories I didn’t get to in a timely fashion this week was from the AP, who reported that the NYPD will not have to reveal details about its Stingray devices.  Thankfully, Joe Cadillic sent me a reminder.

Andrew Denney of Law.com reports that the judge’s reasoning in refusing to order the disclosure was that disclosure could enable criminals to better avoid capture:

Ruling from the bench on Wednesday, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Shlomo Hagler dismissed the New York Civil Liberties Union’s Article 78 proceeding, which it filed in 2016 after the NYPD did provide all the information that the NYCLU asked for through a Freedom of Information Law request about the department’s use of cell-site simulators, such as how many of the devices the department purchased and how much it paid for them.

The NYPD did release purchase agreements for the devices, but did not disclose prices and model numbers.

Read more on Law.com.


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