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 December 1, 2009  Posted by  Court, Non-U.S.

Afua Hirsch reports:

The high court judge at the centre of a string of controversial privacy cases, including one involving the motor racing chief Max Mosley, spoke out against his critics today, claiming he had been subjected to “personal abuse” by parts of the media.

In a rare public speech, Mr Justice David Eady – who was accused last year of “moral and social nihilism” and “arrogance” by the Daily Mail, said there was an increasing tendency for judges to become the target of anger from the media.

Read more in the Guardian.

The Daily Mail‘s coverage of Mr. Justice Eady’s speech begins:

Parliament has no power to repeal privacy laws that have developed over the past decade, a senior judge declared yesterday.

Mr Justice Eady said the rules were so embedded because of the Human Rights Act that it was too late to undo them.

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