May 142021
 May 14, 2021  Posted by  Laws, Non-U.S., Surveillance

Tomoaki Ito reports:

A man who police collected information on and then leaked to a third party is speaking out against new laws that he believes could lead to greater monitoring of citizens by the state.

Under the new digital reform measures, government agencies will be allowed to pass on any information on citizens to the private sector after the data is processed so that individuals cannot be identified.

Government officials insist the reforms, which cleared the Diet on May 12, will go a long way in streamlining administrative procedures while also protecting the privacy of individuals.

But after local police shared his name with a company he was protesting against, Tadao Miwa, 72, said he simply does not trust government agencies to handle personal information in a responsible manner.

Read more on The Asahi Shimbun.

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