Jun 252015
 June 25, 2015  Posted by  Healthcare, Non-U.S.

The Yomiuri Shimbun reports:

Police were unable to confirm the whereabouts of 168 people with dementia who were reported missing in 2014, the National Police Agency announced Thursday.

Missing persons reports for 10,783 dementia patients were submitted to police across the nation in 2014, showing an increase of 461 people from the previous year.


The police agency introduced a new system last year in which photos of people with dementia who have been taken into protective custody can be viewed by families and others at police stations and elsewhere. However, the system had photos of only 39 people as of the end of May.

Photos are put into the system at the request of municipalities who taken custody of unidentified people with dementia, but many municipalities reportedly refuse to provide photos to protect people’s personal information.

Read more on The Japan News.


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