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 October 2, 2009  Posted by  Misc, U.S.

Over on Concurring Opinions, Jon Siegel blogs that Jon Gosselin, formerly of “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” may have gone too far in claiming that he can have television crews arrested if they enter the house he jointly owns with Kate:

Jon Gosselin and his wife had a “reality” TV show about their life with their eight children. But now they are estranged, and Jon recently got fired from the show, which is to be renamed “Kate plus 8.” Not taking this lying down, Jon has demanded that TLC, the network filming the show, stay out of his house. If they enter to film, he claims he’ll have them arrested as trespassers.

Sheesh, if I were TLC’s general counsel, I would tell Jon, “ooh, we’re scared.” How about some basic property law? Every law student knows that joint owners of property (known in property law as “joint tenants” or “tenants in common”) each own an “undivided interest” in the whole property and each has a right to occupy the property without the consent of the other. Heck, each of them has a right to lease the property without the consent of the other.

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