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 June 4, 2016  Posted by  Court

Paul Berger reports:

Final arguments will be made before a federal appeals court on Monday regarding whether a list of people suspected of — but not charged with — involvement in the politically motivated closure of access lanes to the George Washington Bridge should be released to the public.

Read more on NorthJersey.com.

Even if you don’t care about “Bridgegate” as a political scandal in New Jersey, this is actually a good case to watch in terms of what courts will make public and what they won’t – and why. In the past, I once tried, as media, to get confirmation/release of an unindicted co-conspirator in a criminal matter. I got nowhere, but then, I didn’t have a bunch of media outlets and big law firms helping me try to make the case for disclosure.

And John Doe actually has an interesting (to me, anyway) argument: if his name is released, his reputation is tarnished because he does not have a chance to actually defend himself against the government’s claim that he was a co-conspirator.

  3 Responses to “John Doe’s privacy gets day in court in GWB case”

  1. If he did the wrong thing and got caught, doesnt this come with reaping the benefits of your actions? To me, I feel John Doe is using his high power influence to eventually try and weasel out of it

  2. Are you assuming the prosecutors are right/accurate in accusing him of being a co-conspirator? He has not been indicted or charged with anything. He’d be presumed innocent if he was actually charged. But he won’t if he’s just named in court records but never tried.

  3. Nope . Not assuming. I am just questioning NJ state workers involvement and trying to weasling out and not owning to a screw up.

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