Dec 302009
 December 30, 2009  Posted by  Court, Online

You can call Joe Francis a “douche,” but don’t call him a rapist.

The “Girls Gone Wild” founder is vowing to sue for $10 million after the Web site labeled Francis “a rapist” while crowning him the winner of its “Douche of the Decade” poll. Francis received 32 percent of the nearly 9,000 votes cast.

“You messed with the wrong guy. No one makes up lies about me and gets away with it,” Francis e-mailed Gawker founder Nick Denton. “I lost a $10 million deal as a direct result of you calling me ‘a rapist.’ You will be paying me every dime of that back and more! Are you mentally retarded? Do your research first. I am coming after you harder than I ever went after anyone. I am going to wipe you off the grid!!!! YOU ARE DONE! I will take everything you have. You, Nick Denton, are truly the douche of the decade. Merry Xmas IDIOT!!!

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