Jun 102022
 June 10, 2022  Posted by  Announcements, Online

Joe writes:

Last week, I received a notice that my weekly Privacy/Civil Rights links from May 16th, 2022 was banned for violating Google’s “Community Guidelines”.

I don’t know exactly what news link or links in his post they think violated their guidelines, and it seems Joe doesn’t either because Google banned an entire post full of news links because what — one of the links went to something that Google censors think violates some “community standards?”

Joe is definitely the wrong person to try to censor. He and I don’t always agree on things, but trying to censor him because he linked to a news item or post you don’t approve of? Seriously?

Rather than go along with Google’s censorship, Joe has moved his blog to https://joecadillic.substack.com/

You can read Joe’s post about Google’s censorship at https://joecadillic.substack.com/p/banned-by-google-for-posting-politically?s=r


  2 Responses to “Joe Cadillic’s MassPrivateI has moved — change your bookmarks”

  1. Does anyone else find it ironic that I got banned for doing exactly what Google does, post links to stories? Was my mistake not posting links to how to make a bomb or how to build an nuclear bomb like Google does?

    The absurdity of banning someone for posting links to stories that Big Tech does not agree with is only going to get worse!

  2. Let’s assume, for purposes of discussion, that you were linking to content that was a total lie, misinformation, and harmful to public health if people believed you. Does that give any service or platform the right to censor you? These community standards editorial decisions are a slippery slope getting more slippery every day.

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