Aug 042009
 August 4, 2009  Posted by  Featured News, Non-U.S.

Must love geese? Here’s a job opening from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada that could be right up some reader’s alley:

We’re looking for an Information Technology Research Analyst – and the competition is open to the public. You can find a detailed list of requirements at, but we can boil it down to these three basic requirements:

  • a university degree in computer science or information technology (or a suitable combination of education and experience, for all you hacker dropouts)
  • an overwhelming interest in emerging technologies and an impulse to tear them apart
  • an ability to analyze the pieces piled up before you and explain their importance to non-technical people.

It would help if you were obsessive about a technology in particular, like video surveillance, RFID and locational technology, information security, the convergence of surveillance systems and biometrics, or mobile technology, but it’s not mandatory.

The position is based in Ottawa, and it’s full time. Cubicles are involved. We can understand if you bring a moderate amount of cynicism about bureaucratic processes and unnecessary hierarchies to the job – although we think you’ll find our Office less burdensome than most federal or provincial agencies.

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