Sep 262015
 September 26, 2015  Posted by  Non-U.S.

Marina Hyde has a piece on The Guardian that may be of more interest to UK readers than American readers who have never heard of TV host Jeremy Kyle. Kyle is seemingly separating from his wife and wants his children’s privacy protected in the media. And that, Hyde writes, is hypocritical coming from a man who shows no such regard for other people’s children on his show.

She writes, in part:

What I am fascinated by, however, is that Jeremy and his lawyers go miles further than any celeb or public figure in my memory of such things, and do not think even the fact of the separation should be reported (confusingly, considering he issued a statement on it).

That he wished its details to remain private is perfectly justifiable – if entirely predictable in a man who makes his living goading those he presumably regards as lesser folk into airing all their dirty linen in public.

But declaring that even an unadorned fact should not be reported breaks new ground.

Read more on The Guardian.

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