Apr 232021
 April 23, 2021  Posted by  Healthcare, Surveillance

From JacksonWalker on April 7:

In an interview with WFAA-TV regarding COVID-19 vaccine passports, Healthcare partner Jeff Drummond discussed the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the protections provided to an individual. Ultimately, an individual must be the one to tell their medical provider to provide the airline with their health information rather than the airline directly contacting their doctor or medical provider.

“You have the control with the data,” he said. “You have the right to disclose any and all information.”

Once an airline receives health information, Jeff noted that the airline must protect that data and notify the public if there is a breach.

“Once they get the data, they have to protect it. They have to notify you if there’s a breach but other than that, that’s the end of their obligation under either HIPAA or Texas state law,” he added.

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