Aug 022015
 August 2, 2015  Posted by  Breaches, Non-U.S.

And this, kids, is another reminder of the risks of sexting….

The AFP reports that  TV Asahi apologized on Saturday after its Bangkok bureau chief posted an image of his genitals on a mobile forum set up by Thailand’s foreign ministry for foreign journalists working in Thailand.

Thailand’s foreign ministry indicated that there would be “consequences” to the now-former bureau chief, who had already left the forum upon realizing his gaffe.

The unnamed bureau chief*, who is in his forties, had reportedly meant to send the picture to a female friend, “but instead uploaded it through popular messaging app Line to about 150 journalists who belong to the forum.”

He was fired for his inappropriate behavior.

Read more on AFP.

*Although a little online research reveals what seems to be the identity of the former TV Asahi employee, I’m not naming him as there’s been no confirmation of his identity and the reputation harm, well…. 


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