Jan 102017
 January 10, 2017  Posted by  Misc, Non-U.S.

Bill Birnbauer writes:

Pleas by James Hird’s family to respect its privacy present challenges to media covering the latest chapter of a life that has become a very public Greek tragedy.

It might seem right that the media back off – ask no questions, take no photos – and await news from Hird’s family or spokespeople. If the reports of a suspected drug overdose are correct – suggesting a deliberate act – then the last thing the former Essendon player and coach or his family should have to endure is the added stress of scrutiny and interference.

More broadly, finding a balance between providing information and minimising harm is often a delicate pickle for journalists.

Read more on The Conversation. This piece is based on a longer book chapter from Media Innovation and Disruption (2016).

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