Feb 072010
 February 7, 2010  Posted by  Court, U.S.

Privacy rights generally belong to the living, but it seems to me that I’m beginning to see a number of lawsuits involving photos of the dead. Previously on this site, I covered lawsuits by the families of Jeremy Wooten and Nikki Catsouras. Now Michael Jackson’s father wants leave to file suit over photos of Michael Jackson. TMZ reports:

Joe Jackson has just filed legal docs asking a court to acknowledge Michael Jackson’s family has a right to sue news outlets that published photos of Michael Jackson dead.

Joe Jackson’s lawyer, Brian Oxman, filed papers with the court in the Michael Jackson estate case, claiming there is legal precedent for a family suing for invasion of privacy when such photos are published.

Although the legal docs don’t state which photos he intends to sue over, “Entertainment Tonight” aired a photo of Jackson — whom paramedics believed was already dead — as he was taken into an ambulance from his home.

Read more on TMZ.

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