May 042010
 May 4, 2010  Posted by  Business, Featured News, Surveillance

The Associated Press reports that Clear, the registered traveler program operated by Verified Identity Program which that folded last year, has been taken over by Alclear LLC, whose board includes Michael Chertoff, former Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Robert McMillan of IDG provides additional details on Network World:

The new Web site has a new privacy policy, but that only covers data added to the Web site since Monday, not the comprehensive database of customer biometric and financial information.

The company still keeps a copy of its old privacy policy on its Web site, written by Clear’s previous owner, Verified Identity Pass. But it doesn’t say whether it is planning to introduce a new privacy policy.

Clear doesn’t say if it will delete the data of former customers who no longer want anything to do with the service. However, it does say that it will keep old customer data safe, and that it plans to move it from the data center where it’s been kept since June of last year to a new secure facility sometime in the next two months.

Read more on Network World.

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