Dec 202009
 December 20, 2009  Posted by  Featured News, Non-U.S., Surveillance

Speaking of border searches involving laptops, have you read this story by Bar Ben Ari and Or Hirshauga:

An American student entering Israel from Egypt via the border crossing at Taba two weeks ago stood stunned as Israeli Border Police officers determined her laptop computer was a security threat and shot it three times.

Lily Sussman, 21, wrote on her blog that the police officers subjected her to two hours of questioning and searches, before firing three bullets into her Apple Macbook.


The Israel Airports Authority said in response that, “A [security] check performed on the lady’s luggage signalled the need for security personnel to follow procedure. The police who carried out the operation in question were called to the scene. We suggest you approach the Israel Police for any additional information.”

Sussman managed to salvage the hard drive and security officials at the crossing gave her an address where she would be reimbursed for her mangled laptop, she told Daily News Egypt.


Photo credit: Lily Sussman.

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