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 September 9, 2010  Posted by  Court, Featured News, Online

There have been a number of file-sharing lawsuits filed recently. There are the two BitTorrent lawsuits filed by the US Copyright Group over Hurt Locker and Lucas Entertainment over Kings of New York, and more recently, a lawsuit by Titan Media against 19 John Does who allegedly used eDonkey2000 to share a variety of titles and a lawsuit by VCX Ltd. against 113 John Does who allegedly used BitTorrent to share  Debbie Does Dallas.

Thomas Mennecke of Slyck reports that a judge has now granted VCX’s motion for discovery:

In Dallas Texas, the aptly located jurisdiction of this case, the Judge yesterday granted leave for discovery. That means 113 subpoenas will be served to dozens of ISPs who harbor the identities so desperately sought by the plaintiffs.

“Plaintiff VCX, Ltd. has filed a motion for leave to conduct limited discovery prior to a Rule 26(f) conference in order to determine the true identities and contact information of the “Doe” defendants named in its complaint. After reviewing the motion and the sworn declaration attached thereto, the court finds that good cause has been shown and the motion…is granted.”

Hat-tip, @lods1211

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