Jan 282011
 January 28, 2011  Posted by  Business, Online

Richard Adhikari writes about recent browser developments addressing “do not track.” Of particular interest to me, this part of his discussion:

Further, the requirements of do-not-track guidelines might create problems, Greenhouse told TechNewsWorld.

“An ad that is well-targeted based on other factors that don’t fall under do-not-track could be misinterpreted by the consumer as a violation,” Greenhouse explained. “I would anticipate that anyone responsible for enforcement will have to wade through mountains of false positives.”


“Ultimately, someone who’s very technology-savvy will have to draft a very clear, detailed set of guidelines that are mindful of the realities of Web application architecture,” Greenhouse said.

Those guidelines will still depend on implementation by websites and ad networks, Greenhouse remarked. “It’s just not something that a Web browser can accomplish on its own,” he added.

Read more on TechNewsWorld.

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