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 October 27, 2011  Posted by  Breaches, Business, Online, Youth & Schools

Okay, this is disturbing. Danny Brown explains how even if you don’t authorize Klout to create a profile on you, Klout may be doing exactly that and linking it to your Facebook profile if you have one. And not only that, it’s doing this to kids:

He isn’t on Twitter, and he’s not super active on Facebook. He hasn’t given Klout permission to access his account, and he has his Facebook privacy settings at private. Just like Megan advises.

And yet here he is on Klout, with a profile and score of 38. However, that’s not the issue. The bigger issue is this. As you can see from the image (which I’ve blurred to protect his identity), you can clearly see that his Facebook icon is a live one (i.e., not shaded out), which means people can visit his Klout profile and be taken to his very private Facebook profile by clicking the Facebook icon.

So, a private Facebook profile with no access allowed to Klout is now on their system and, worse still, allowing any public visitor to Klout to be taken directly to Tonia’s son’s private Facebook account?

Doesn’t something smell incredibly rotten here?

Read more on B2C.

I hope Klout responds to the allegations.

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