Mar 072012
 March 7, 2012  Posted by  Court, Surveillance, U.S., Youth & Schools

I don’t know that the prosecution has made its case for a hate crime, but as far as the privacy invasion charges go in the case of a Rutgers student, the student may have been the prosecution’s best witness.  Gene Racz reports:

 After defense attorney Steven Altman showed the jury a tweet by Dharun Ravi telling his homosexual roommate that he had “no problem with gays,” the prosecution unleashed an evidentiary bombshell of its own on Wednesday in Superior Court.

The state, which is expected to rest its case on Thursday morning, aired a DVD of Ravi being questioned by investigators, during which Ravi was asked whether he thought he had invaded the privacy of Tyler Clementi.

Ravi replied, “Well yes, but I didn’t realize it was something so private. It was my room also. That’s why I immediately closed it.”

Read more on Asbury Park Press.  The Associated Press also covered the day’s proceedings.

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