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 October 21, 2010  Posted by  Online

Adrian Chen follows up on a blog post by Chris Soghoian with this article on ValleyWag:

Facebook allows users to list which gender of partner they’re “interested in.” But do you want Facebook’s advertisers to know if you’re gay? A Microsoft researcher has found a loophole which could secretly reveal a gay user’s sexuality to advertisers.


For a recent paper, researchers from Microsoft and Germany’s Max Planck Institute wanted to see if Facebook targeted ads based on sexuality, so they created six fake profiles: two straight men, two straight women, a gay man and a lesbian. (Besides gender and sexuality, the profiles were indistinguishable.) Then they observed what ads each profile was shown over a week’s time.

Read more on ValleyWag.

It seems to be one thing after another with Facebook privacy issues, doesn’t it?

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