Apr 142015
 April 14, 2015  Posted by  Featured News

John Riordan reports:

The Irish woman at the centre of a Long Island rape case was followed by a car registered to a private investigator on Monday night, according to a prosecuting lawyer.

The alleged victim and her best friend were being driven away from the Suffolk County Criminal Courthouse after the third day of the trial in which a former Morgan Stanley banker is accused of attacking the then J1 student at East Hampton holiday home in August of 2013.

The pair, who are under a third-party protection order, were in a car driven by a detective inspector working on the case, it emerged at the beginning of the fourth day of the trial this morning.

The dramatic claim was placed on the record by prosecuting lawyer Kerriann Kelly to Judge Barbara Kahn and was unequivocally denied by defence lawyer Andrew Lankler.

According to Ms Kelly, the detective suspected his car was being followed and called for assistance while eluding the following vehicle.

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Does the third -party protection order mean that they do have an expectation of privacy in public when it comes to cars following them? I’m not sure what to make of all this, probably because I’m not a lawyer and don’t understand what the third-party protection order says.

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