Sep 202011
 September 20, 2011  Posted by  Court

All’s fair in love and litigation, redux.  Ryan J. Foley of Associated Press reports:

Attorneys defending the University of Northern Iowa are heavily scrutinizing the life of a former student who was sexually assaulted by two football players in 2004 and is now accusing the school in a civil lawsuit of mistreating her and mismanaging its athletics department, court records show.

The Iowa Attorney General’s Office has been seeking details of the woman’s history on social media sites like Facebook since 2003, years of her cell phone records and personal photos and records detailing her mental health treatment before and after the assault, records show. In addition, the office has repeatedly asked for records about her employment as a dancer at a strip club, a copy of her personal journal, and documentation related to her father’s mysterious death when she was a young child.

Read more on Chicago Tribune.

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