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 July 1, 2009  Posted by  Govt, Online, Workplace

When the Bozeman City recently rescinded its policy of requiring job applicants to provide their login details to social media sites, it might have seemed to be the end of that poorly thought-out policy. But the policy was in effect for three years, and now the Bozeman City Commission has voted to begin an investigation into their former hiring practices:

Commissioners say the vote was instigated by an employee e-mail.

The news station’s Dan Boyce tells us this email accused city staff of providing inaccurate information on requesting internet log-in information from applicants.

“The allegations made in the email are allegations, and those allegations will need to be substantiated one way or another,” commissioner Eric Bryson said.

The city commission has decided it’s worth the expenditure of public funds to hire a third party investigator, and the investigation will examine a lot more than the accuracy of reports from City staff.

The list includes how the city started requesting user names and passwords for applicants social networks. Bryson says the commission also needs to hear how the policy was implemented by hiring agents.

Read more on Montana’s News Station.

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