Jan 152011
 January 15, 2011  Posted by  Laws, Non-U.S., Surveillance

David T.S. Fraser writes:

Want to know one reason why the Canadian government’s proposed Bill C-52, referred to as the Investigating and Preventing Criminal Electronic Communications Act, is so horrible? Just look at what recently happened in Belarus. According to Boing Boing (Report: Belarusian mobile operators gave police list of demonstrators – Boing Boing), mobile operators in that country have cooperated with the secret police to identify people who were present at an anti-government demonstration. Shocking.

Bill C-52 gives the same tools to the Canadian secret and not-quite-secret police. Section 16 of Bill C-52 requires all telecommunciations service providers to hand over enormous quantities of customer information to the police, CSIS or the competition cops.

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