Jan 052011
 January 5, 2011  Posted by  Business, Court, Online

Joe Mullin writes:

The ad agency interclick took an unusual tactic in defending itself this week against recent lawsuits alleging the company and its customers violated users’ online privacy: it took a shot at its opponents’ law firm. Without actually naming the firm, it implied that the firm was filing bogus privacy suits, saying in a press release that the firm had filed “a spate” of such lawsuits and noting that “claims similar to those against interclick have been dismissed by some Federal courts.”

The firm interclick was referring to is KamberLaw, headed by Scott Kamber, a high-profile lawyer who’s at the heart of the small, but growing, world of online privacy lawsuits and may be best known in privacy circles for leading the litigation against Facebook’s Beacon Ad program.

Read the interview on PaidContent.

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