Dec 182009
 December 18, 2009  Posted by  Online, Youth & Schools

Hana Levi Julian reports:

Research by the Eshnav organization shows that a majority of internet sites aimed at children gather private information about the children without their parents’ permission.

The study was carried out by the members of the Eshnav management – Attorneys Yonatan Klinger and Shuki Peleg – and by organization volunteers. It surveyed 32 of the leading Israeli children’s internet sites, and found that 60 percent gather information on the children without their parents’ knowledge or specific consent.

The researchers found that among popular internet sites that were registered and designated as children’s sites, 73 percent required the child’s address and 60 percent asked for the child’s date of birth. Fifteen percent also asked children to enter their home address.

Read more on Israel Nation News.

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