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 February 28, 2016  Posted by  Business

Ashley Carman reports:

Only eight days after launching, the app that let people see the Instagram feeds of any public user has lost its API access. Being had gained 40,000 users in the days since its launch and had 11,000 people download the app in the last day. Its popularity could have been its downfall, however, especially now that Apple was putting it on its featured App Store page.

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A. Prasad describes the issue this way:

Instagram has blocked access to its APIs to the app Being. The app enabled users to see the entire Instagram feed of celebrities.

Within a week of Being’s launch, its access to Instagram’s application programming interface (API) – a set of codes that enables data sharing between apps – was blocked. Instagram accused the app’s developers of sharing users’ data with unintended users.

“Instagram has cut off Being’s access to its API, according to multiple sources, which means the app still exists, but it pretty much empty. Instagram believes Being violated its policy guidelines, although it’s not entirely clear which part of the policy,” a Being spokesperson told Verge.

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