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 June 23, 2010  Posted by  Non-U.S., Online

So you’ve made a sex tape and it winds up being circulated on the Internet. If you’re a celebrity, you get a lot of press. That is, unless you’re a celebrity in Indonesia where they have strict anti-pornography laws. ANI reports:

Indonesian pop star Nazril Irham, better known as Ariel, has surrendered himself to police over his involvement in a sex tape scandal.

If found guilty of violating the country’s strict anti-pornography law, Ariel could face 12 years in jail.

Two separate homemade videos allegedly showing the 28-year-old in bed with two different celebrity girlfriends started making rounds on the Internet in early June.

The incident has since been named the ‘Peterporn affair’ after the name of Irham’s band.

The Daily Mail adds that the two women are witnesses in the case and that:

Under the pornography law, anyone who produces, makes, copies, circulates, broadcasts, offers, trades, loans or provides pornography can be jailed for between six months and 12 years and can be fined up to six billion rupiah (£450,000).

It’s not clear from the coverage I’ve read whether they suspect he had anything to do with the tapes’ circulation on the Internet, or if potential charges are based solely on having made the tapes.

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