Jan 172017
 January 17, 2017  Posted by  Business, Court, Non-U.S., Surveillance

John Ribeiro reports:

A privacy lawsuit against WhatsApp in India over its new data sharing policy has got momentum with the country’s top court seeking responses from Facebook, WhatsApp and the federal government.

The privacy policy of WhatsApp at launch in 2010 did not allow sharing of user data with any other party, and after Facebook announced its acquisition of the messaging app in 2014, it was “publicly announced and acknowledged” by WhatsApp that the privacy policy would not change, according to the petition filed by Indian users of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp sparked off a furore last year when it said it would be sharing some account information of users with Facebook and its companies, including the mobile phone numbers they verified when they registered with WhatsApp.

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If WhatsApp was feeling a tad beleaguered this week, it would be understandable. In other WhatsApp news, they’ve been addressing accusations that they have a “backdoor” that allows government snooping, an accusation they have firmly denied. The “backdoor” claims started with a researcher’s report. You can read a recap of the kerfuffle on Economic Times.

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