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Apr 242013
 April 24, 2013  Posted by  Court, Non-U.S., Online

Peter Fleischer writes: In December of last year, an Italian Court of Appeals overturned my conviction—as well as that of two other Googlers—for violating Italian privacy law in a case that stemmed from a user-uploaded video.  I was pleased that well-reasoned legal principles had prevailed, and was hopeful that that would be the end [Read More…]

Mar 042013
 March 4, 2013  Posted by  Court, Non-U.S.

Peter Fleischer, understandably basking in a post-acquittal glow, writes: Just before Christmas, an Italian Appeals Court over-turned the convictions of three Googlers, including myself, for allegedly violating Italian privacy law.  Now, after roughly 2 months, the Court has issued its written opinion to explain its decision.  The Court’s opinion is a lucid [Read More…]