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 November 20, 2010  Posted by  Workplace

In a letter to the editor, Matt Pierce of Bloomington, Indiana and District 61 state representative. comments:

Indiana University portrays its new Health Engagement Program as providing employee discounts on health insurance premiums in exchange for healthier living. In truth, it punishes employees who refuse to surrender their privacy to the university or allow it to hijack health-care decisions now made by employees and their doctors.

IU wants employees to believe they can earn discounts on health insurance premiums. In fact, there are no discounts. Instead, penalties are heaped onto existing premiums for employees who refuse to sacrifice their privacy in order to comply with IU’s demands.

Read more in the IndyStar.

  One Response to “IN: Penalty-based system could make you sick”

  1. This is an outrage. Premiums went up 170%

    Next they nudge you “into thinking you will receive a discount” in fact you are penalized for BMI, High Col., if you smoke. This is all based on your income level. I don’t mind paying my share but if I smoke there is a penalty which is another 50% added to the new premium, BMI penalty 25%, poor blood work, and another 25%.

    When all is said and done total premium increase is just under 500% these progressives think we are stupid when in fact they are either in bed with the Ins. Co. or this is their way to take over the Ins. industry just like the banks and auto and private sector jobs.

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