Jul 042011
 July 4, 2011  Posted by  Misc

I never met Len Sassaman in person, but as a privacy advocate, I was one of many who could not be anything but in awe of his accomplishments and who looked forward to what he would do or accomplish next.  I enjoyed our interactions on Twitter over this past year as Len always made me think.

Sadly, Len took his own life.

As his wife and partner Meredith Patterson (@Maradydd) tweeted yesterday,

He wanted his work to be his voice in the world. I thought we’d hear it longer.

So did we all, Meredith, and your loss and grief are reverberating throughout the world right now.

Depression kills. It kills the spirit, it kills any joy in life, and it kills the ability to appreciate how many people care about you and your life.   And in its wake, it leaves behind gaping, aching holes in the lives of those left behind.

Rest in peace, Len.


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