Oct 242013
 October 24, 2013  Posted by  Court, Surveillance

From the good folks at EPIC:

A federal court has issued an opinion in EPIC v. NSAEPIC’s Freedom of Information Act lawsuit concerning the government’s policy for the security of American computer networks. As a result of the lawsuit, EPIC obtained documents that the National Security Agency had withheld from the public. The documents concern NSPD 54, a presidential policy directive outlining the scope of the NSA’s authority over computer networks in the US. EPIC also challenged the NSA’s decision to withheld several other records including the National Security Presidential Directive 54. A federal district court has now ruled that NSPD 54 is not subject to the FOIA because it was not under “the control” of the National Security Agency and the other federal agencies and officials who received the presidential directive. The Court also ordered to the NSA to identify and release other documents to EPIC.For more information, see: EPIC v. NSA – Cybersecurity Authority.

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