Jul 172009
 July 17, 2009  Posted by  Breaches, Non-U.S., Online

A police officer in Henan Province has sparked controversy by posting information about a wanted suspect on a BBS forum yesterday.

The officer asked the online community to provide clues on the suspect’s whereabouts. He even included a picture of the suspect that was taken from a bank surveillance video.

Zhao Guanyang, the officer who posted the topic on Dahe.cn, said the young man in the picture was part of several ATM cons, according to Henan Business Daily.

Zhao added the young man, who appeared no more than 20 in the picture, was very likely to be a member of a con group.

The controversy stems from whether Zhao had violated the legal rights of the suspect by posting his portrait on the Internet and whether it was proper for police to ask for help from the public online.

Lawyers said Zhao could have violated the man’s rights. The suspect has not even been charged with a crime.

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