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 December 13, 2013  Posted by  Youth & Schools

Drew Smith reports:

 Avon authorities are investigating after they received reports of several Avon High School students who may have been exchanging nude pictures through cellphones and mobile devices.

Some students have been suspended and police said they are working with the school to determine what happened and if any laws were broken. Officials said the situation could result in criminal charges being filed against some students.

School officials seized more than a dozen mobile devices after a parent informed the administration that some of those devices could contain naked photos of female students. By law, the school had to turn over those electronic devices to law enforcement.

Read more on  The Indy Channel.

Talk about blurring the line between home and school, though! Does it matter at all that the pictures may have been taken – or exchanged – while the students were not on school premises? I suspect some of the sharing went on during school hours or on school premises, but suppose it had all been off-campus? The schools says that they are required by law to turn over the cellphones. I haven’t read the law, but does Indiana law really require schools to turn over devices that may have evidence of a crime if the crime did not occur at school or on school premises? Just wondering….

Thanks to Sheila Kaplan for the pointer to this news story.

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