Apr 192010
 April 19, 2010  Posted by  Laws, Surveillance, U.S., Workplace

Antonio Olivo reports that problems with the E-verify system have led two senators to proposed biometric SSN cards – to the consternation of privacy and civil liberties groups:

… Two U.S. senators prominent in immigration reform efforts have proposed that all Americans be issued biometric Social Security cards, containing data from either a fingerprint or retinal scan to help employers determine whether the holder is legal.


Privacy groups call the idea chilling, and costly. Last week, 44 organizations sent a letter of protest to the White House and both senators, arguing that implementation of a biometric card could cost “hundreds of billions of dollars.”

Chris Calabrese, legislative counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union, labeled the proposal a form of “mission creep” that would pull the country down a dangerous path.

Read more in the Chicago Tribune.

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