Mar 142012
 March 14, 2012  Posted by  Breaches, Business, Non-U.S.

More on accusations that IKEA may have spied on some dissatisfied customers:

Shortly after allegations that it had been snooping on its staff, Swedish furniture giant Ikea in France is in hot water again, this time accused of spying on dissatisfied customers, prompting a police search at the company’s French headquarters.

Read more on The Local.

Okay, we had already heard that there were allegations of spying on some customers, but the “news” is that the police actually raided the company’s offices looking for evidence.

IKEA already seems to be trying to distance itself from the consumer surveillance aspects by blaming things on a rogue employee.  Although the employees’ union complaint about seeking police files on employees is bad enough, I suspect the firm may be worried about the customer PR aspect.  Of course, no matter what the outcome, IKEA will survive this, but when you think about all of the complaints about online tracking, this would be a whole other level of collecting data on customers.

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