Feb 242019
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Victor Gevers tweets:

From GDI Foundation:

This is a warning for all MatchpointGPS users in India.
Do NOT use this app until further notice. This service is suffering a security issue. More information will follow soon after the issue is fixed.

Update:  On March 6, MatchpointGPS submitted a comment to this post indicating the issue had been resolved, as confirmed by Victor Gevers of GDI Foundation on February 25:

PogoWasRight.org is glad to hear that the firm responded to GDI so promptly and resolved the issue.  We are happy to update this  post, but as a matter of policy, this site and the companion site,  DataBreaches.net, generally do not remove articles that were accurate at the time of publication.   

  One Response to “If you’re in India and using MatchpointGPS, you should probably read this…..”

  1. Hi,

    We are glad to have provided adequate solution and happy to report that issue has been resolved.

    The same have been confirmed by GDI Foundation in the below mentioned tweet.

    Linkk: https://twitter.com/GDI_FDN/status/1100036493538721792

    Request you to delete the above post.

    Team matchpointGPS

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