Oct 112012
 October 11, 2012  Posted by  Misc, Surveillance

Alexis C. Madrigal writes:

My poor kitten, who my unfortunate Instagram contacts know too well, gets beat up every time he goes outside. There’s a bully cat in the neighborhood who appears to relish in attacking cute, fluffy things as soon as they get out of human oversight. So, naturally, I bought a Parrot AR.Drone.2.0, a remote-controlled quadcopter with an HD camera attached, to see if I could spot where the punk bully cat hangs out.

Alexis goes on to discuss the murky laws concerning such invasion of air space over a neighbor’s yard. Is it trespass? Is it invasion of privacy? Or is it all just unfortunately perfectly legal? Read more on The Atlantic.

h/t, Tinfoil 2.0

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