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 November 13, 2009  Posted by  Non-U.S., Surveillance, Youth & Schools

From the Irish Examiner:

A Kildare school is at the centre of a dispute over CCTV cameras in the bathrooms.

It follows a walk out by students at Scoile Mhurie in Clane in protest over the installation fo (sic) the cameras in the school toilets.

The board of managment (sic) at the school is insisting that privacy is preserved.

Parents claim they were not informed of the decision which the school says is in response to vandalism.

Kildare Fine Gael Councillor Bernard Meld, a member of the school board, has said the cameras are staying.

Thanks to Brian Honan for this link.

In separate coverage of the walk-out, J.P. Anderson writes:

However, a statement from the Department of Education said that, while the supervision of students is the responsibility of the Board of Management, the installation of cameras in toilets may be illegal.

“The guidance available from the Data Protection Commissioner said the use of CCTV to monitor areas where individuals would have a reasonable expectation of privacy such as in toilets and rest rooms would be difficult to justify under data protection legislation,” a statement read.

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