Aug 082014
 August 8, 2014  Posted by  Non-U.S.

Broden Giambrone writes:

In June Time published a cover story titled “The Transgender Tipping Point” and featured Laverne Cox, a star of the hit TV series Orange is the New Black, as the first openly transgender person to grace the cover of this seminal magazine. However, while transgender (or trans) issues are finally entering the mainstream media and gaining much- needed visibility, many members of the trans community still exist on the fringes of Irish society and experience high levels of stigmatisation and discrimination.

A major cause of the marginalisation of trans people in Ireland is the lack of State recognition of trans identities. While you can change your gender marker on certain documents such as your passport or driving licence, there is no legal process to change the gender on your birth cert.

Read more of Giambrone’s comments on the proposed Gender Recognition Bill on Irish Times.

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