Jun 282019
 June 28, 2019  Posted by  Court, Non-U.S.

Declan Brennan reports:

A High Court judge has said he will deliver a written judgment when he rules on an application by a rape victim to waive her anonymity.

Last March a jury convicted a 41-year-old Wicklow man of repeated sexual attacks on a neighbouring child when she was aged approximately nine.

Read more on BreakingNews.ie.  This is absolutely not what you might expect this case to be about.  The rape victim’s anonymity is protected by law, but she’s gone to court to get her anonymity WAIVED — and she wants it waived so that her rapist will not have anonymity either and can be named.

So now the attorney for her convicted rapist is fighting her motion, claiming that there is no provision in Irish law that would permit the victim’s anonymity to be waived — which means the rapist’s identity would also remain anonymous.

I’ll be looking for a follow-up or the decision on this one.

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