Mar 292015
 March 29, 2015  Posted by  Non-U.S.

RTÉ News reports:

Unprecedented garda access to the PPS numbers of more than two million road users is being considered by a special Government taskforce, according to documents seen by RTE’s This Week.

Other measures examined by the multi-agency group include the exchange of PPS numbers between private vehicle buyers and sellers, the linking of car-owners’ PPS numbers for each new vehicle registration, and the use of social security numbers to block people with unpaid fines from selling or buying cars or from renewing a licence.

Read more on RTÉ News.

PPS numbers seem to be in the news in Ireland quite a bit in recent months, with Irish Water agreeing to stop requesting PPS numbers and to delete all the ones it stored. Similarly, the government announced it would not retain students’ personal information, including PPS numbers, until the age of 30, but would delete them when the student turns 19.

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