Nov 262012
 November 26, 2012  Posted by  Govt

The Associated Press reports:

The Idaho Transportation Department makes more than $5.4 million a year selling motor vehicle records and other personal information to companies that use it to research car buying patterns, send out recall notices and even track down scofflaws who don’t pay parking tickets given out by private companies.

Department spokesman Jeff Stratten says none of the information is used to send junk mail, and the department takes steps to make sure the information is being used correctly. Idaho law says the information can be used for purposes including vehicle emissions monitoring, car recalls, and for the enforcement of civil and criminal court actions.

But Idaho residents who get drivers’ license or register their vehicles are never notified that the information is being sold, and at least one of the steps the department relies on to ensure proper use of the records appears to have spotty results.

Read more on CBS.

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